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Energy saving tips

At Sun Realm, we strive to ensure that all our customers understand how to use their heating systems effectively to not only ensure that energy is saved, but also that household bills are manageable. With a few tips, you can make your system more effective and save energy and money………

1. Thermostat Use

Trust your thermostat! Ask your engineer to show you how to use the thermostat to maintain your home at a constant temperature. By setting the thermostat at a constant temperature, you can actually save energy…..ask us how!

2. New control systems

Upgrading your control system can make the system run more effectively and reduce the need for manual switching ‘on and off’. We will always demonstrate your new control system and ensure that you know how best to use it to save energy

3. Radiators

Are your radiators effectively maintained? By ‘bleeding’ the radiators more heat will be able to enter the system – ask your installer for a demonstration….. There are many other energy saving tips we would like to share with you – why not contact us to see how small measures could make a big difference in your home…